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Mount Rose Recovery

200 Despain Ln.

Monday thru Friday at Noon

Womens Meeting is Wednesday at 7:00pm

Book Study Thursday at 7:00pm

Regular Meeting Friday at 5:30pm

Ground Zero

1700 Zolezzi Ln.

Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00am


Raggio Building

1664 N.Virginia St.

Tuesday at 12:00pm

Thursday at 12:30pm

Empowerment Center

7400 S. Virginia St.

Sunday Night at 6:30pm Joe and Charlie Step Study

Moday Night at 6:00pm Speaker Discussion Meeting

Finally a meeting in South Reno on Sunday

9333 Double R Boulevard Suite 1200

Sunday at 10:30 am Starting June 5th, 2016

Open Meeting


 If you are looking for meeting schedules CLICK HERE

Flyers and Events

For a complete listing go to

Flyer Serenity in the Sierra's 2016

10th Step Checklist

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