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Keeping the message of our founders alive

2nd Annual Long Timers- part1

2nd Annual Long Timers- part2

3rd Annual Long Timers- part1

3rd Annual Long Timers- part2

3rd Annual Long Timers- part3

3rd Annual Long Timers- part4

Jack F. November 2nd 1996

Mary D. February 14th 1998

Mac M October 5th 1997

Speakers from Other Areas

Bill Dodson

Tony H

Bob E

Marion F Topeka KS 1974

Joe L July 30 1975

Bob L Spring Festival 1985

Marilyn S Pacific Group 1998

Sister Maurice of the Bronx 1996

Sister Bea of San Diego 1988

Willie B of Texas 1990

George F Pacific Group 1995

Dick R 1998

PRAASA 1997 Panel 5

We Love NNNAAA - Red Road + 12 Steps

Don C. of Colorado at Fuji Park 2005

Joe and Charlie Step Study

AA History Part 1

AA History Part 2

AA History Part 3

AA History Part 4

Doctors Opinion Part 1

Doctors Opinion Part 2

Doctors Opinion Part 3

Bills Story Part 1

Bills Story Part 2

Bills Story Part 3

There is a solution

Spiritual Experience

More about alcoholism 1

More about alcoholism 2

We Agnostics 1

We Agnostics 2

How it Works 1

How it Works 2

Third Step 1

Third Step 2

Fourth Step 1

Fourth Step 2

Fourth Step 3

Fourth Step 4

Fourth Step 5

Fourth Step FEAR

Fourth Step SEX

Fourth Step HARM

Fifth Step

Sixth and Seventh Step

Eighth Step

Eighth and Ninth Step

Tenth Step 1

Tenth Step 2

Eleventh Step

Twelfth Step


Ellen D 1990

Flyers and Events

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Flyer Serenity in the Sierra's 2016

10th Step Checklist